Lucas Srygley

 P.S. 84 Jose de Diego

Lucas Srygley

P.S. 84 Jose de Diego


2020 Census Assignment


  1. Explain what the Census is and why it is important for everyone to fill out.  (Explique qué es el censo y por qué es importante que todos lo llenen.)
  2. Convince other people that they should complete the Census. (Convencer a otras personas de que deben completar el Censo.)


Write a story or an essay with the Census as the topic

You can be creative as long as you are staying on topic! Some questions you should answer in your story/essay are below.

¡Puedes ser creativo mientras te mantengas en el tema! Algunas de las preguntas que debe responder en su historia / ensayo están a continuación.


  1. What is the Census?
  2. Why is it important?
  3. How does the Census help people? (you, students, family members, communities)
  4. Is there any danger in completing the Census? (Can information people include in the Census be used against them?)
  5. How will the personal information be used?
  6. How can you and other students be Census Advocates and help adults understand why it is important to be counted? (What can you do?)


  1. ¿Qué es el censo?
  2. ¿Por qué es importante?
  3. ¿Cómo ayuda el censo a las personas? (ustedes, estudiantes, familiares, comunidades)
  4. ¿Hay algún peligro en completar el censo? (¿Se puede usar contra ellos la información que las personas incluyen en el Censo?)
  5. ¿Cómo se usará la información personal?
  6. ¿Cómo pueden usted y otros estudiantes ser defensores del censo y ayudar a los adultos a entender por qué es importante ser contados? (¿Qué puedes hacer?)

THE GOLDEN 100 ???

There once was a neighborhood of 100 people. It was a peaceful, friendly neighborhood and town. It was 2010 and people were just starting to fill out the census forms. However, only 25 of the people in the neighborhood filled the census form out and sent it in. And 75 did not. This was a problem because around the time of 2015 only 25% out of 100% wasn’t enough percentage to help get the right amount of money to clean the neighborhood for all of those who lived in it. In fact, it was only 25% enough. Only 25% as clean as it could be. Each park was one fourth of the size of what they needed for a regular park, so there was only ¼ of a jungle gym, which of course only had 1/4  of a monkey bar, ¼  of a slide and ¼  of a swingset. The roads were somewhat like the park because only ¼ of them were paved and rest was dirt or gravel. The drivers had to make sure they changed their tires to strong mud and dirt tires because they always had to travel 75% of the time on rough roads or mud. 

5 years later, at the beginning of 2020, the people marched up to the government angrily, “Why don’t we have a full town!?! Why are our parks ¼ of what they’re supposed to be!?! Why are our roads ¼ of what they’re supposed to be!?!” And the judge said “Well I only see that only ¼  of you filled out our census, which means we’re all only getting 25% of the money we deserve, and it is not enough to get a complete neighborhood and the full equipment for what we need for our 100 people in the town.” He continued, “And you’re not getting the number of votes you want in the Federal government either for all the laws of justice and equality we want to have passed.” He then asked the 75% who did not fill out the census, “Why didn’t you fill out the census?” A few people from the 75% replied, “We didn’t think our information was safe.”

“I can assure you,” the judge replied, “the Census Office only keeps the records only for itself, protects your personal private information where you can’t be judged by the color of your skin, and the Census Office doesn’t share it with anyone else. It’s like they keep it in the strongest safe there is, that you can imagine.” 

So the townspeople went back to the homes and 100% filled out the 2020 Census. And before long, they saw cement trucks rumbling down the street and construction workers coming to the park to build and make all of the town’s projects, 100% complete everywhere. The monkey bars in the jungle gym were extended fully and swing sets added to 100% maximum. The roads were paved fully and people could finally take off their dirt tires and drive with smooth, regular tires because they didn’t have to drive on the gravel, mud or off the road anymore to get to their destination.

In the end, 100 was the magic number. Because it takes 100% of all of us together to make a difference and get fair and equal treatment in the world. That is, if we all fill out the Census-together. 

What's at stake?