Nafis Aibek

 P.S. 106 The Parkchester Elementary School

Nafis Aibek

P.S. 106 The Parkchester Elementary School


The 2020 Census


What is the 2020 census? And why is it important? Every ten years, the U.S. census bureau records/counts everyone living in the United States and its territories. This event is written in the Constitution. It comes in a questionnaire that will count everyone living in your address on April 1. The census data is very important to the country and its people. IT decides the number of seats each state can elect to Congress. 
But that’s not all, it also helps to determine how to divide money to offer services, programs, construction, education, health care, business jobs and so much more. The census is very important..

How will the 2020 census data be used to help my community?

The 2020 census data is made to help your community and even the whole country. You see, where there are more people there are more needs for public services. Which is why the census is used by the government to inform funding decisions each year. It is also used by nonprofits to inform services, businesses to create jobs and even by students for school projects. The information also helps us divide 675 billion dollars amongst building hospitals, libraries, roads, bridges, and other things such as paying for healy programs, provide school lunch, support education programs in schools, pay for children’s care and many more things. Understanding how the population works and changes helps us shape communities across the world for the better.

How does the 2020 census affect representations

Well to understand that we need to know and understand how representation works. There are 435 seats in the House of Representatives. These seats get distributed to the fifty states based on their population. An accurate census responds helps your state get at least 1 seat such as Wyoming. But states with larger populations might get more such as California. Sowe really need an accurate response from the census to get the perfect amount of seats for your state.

How can I take the 2020 census?

You can take the 2020 census multiple ways as long as you take it in March 2020, every address in the country will receive an invitation to complete a single questionnaire. There are three ways to respond:

Number 1: Take the census online. Number 2: Call them by phone. Then finally number 3: send it through /by mail.. For people who don;t respond, a census taker from your community will follow up and assist you. There are many ways to respond and no matter what you are required by law to respond to the 2020 census, no excuses.

Is my 2020 census information safe?

After you send your census response, all of your private information is kept completely safe. By law it cannot be shared or seen by any other government agency, law enforcement, or landlord. No one can see or mess with your personal census information. So, do not worry about anyone doing stuff with your information, take your census in piece of mind.


Now you know what the 2020 census is, why it’s important, how to take the census, and that all of your information is perfectly safe, and remember that the census is not just for you, it is for your country and it is very important that we keep on continuing this event and you, yourself should be included in the 2020 census. Circle April 1, 2020 on your calendar as a reminder to complete the census. Help us make sure we get an accurate count. If want to learn more or wright your own story about the 2020 census visit 2020CENSUS.GOV .