Ahamadou Fofana

Ahamadou Fofana

C.S. 55 Benjamin Franklin


Hi my name is Ahamadou Fofana from ps55 in the bronx. I am here to inform you about the 2020 US census. The census is really important because it is helping the US know the number of people living in America. Secondly I know some families that are in the US illegally and are worried this would affect me and I might get deported but no this can't get you in any problems with immigration or anything. Don't be worried because title 15 is protecting your information!!! Lastly it can have some good benefits to it so you should do it and it can help your community.

Let me tell you the census will have many benefits to it. One of the benefits is it will help your local fire department, your local doctors office and even schools (yes where your kids spend most of the time). So if you have problems in your city you should really fill the US census out to make life better. Parents fill out the US Census. You will see better in your community if you fill this form out.

Other students and myself could be a census advocate and help parents understand the census because we are their kids and we are the future and I feel like kids can encourage people. In ps55 we are a community and we have a voice and we have a great school with a great principal Mr. Torres. He helps the community. We could too so we need to fill the US census out. We are a community. Let's do it together. Lets rock. LETS FILL OUT THE US CENSUS TOGETHER.


FUN FACTS ABOUT THE US CENSUS: First, the first US census was in 1790. Next, George Washington was the President during the first US census. The US census is every 10 years. Also it is extended to October 31 so no excuses.